Abstract portraits of skateboarders. Used skateboard decks become printing medium. Philosophies of street culture. Urban myths. Through several positions this project is concerned with the ideologies of urban space. Every board tells a story and stands for a pose, stream or current feeling. Skateboarding is it. The city belongs to us.

Several skateboarders with different backgrounds got invited to participate in this project. The used skateboard decks are kindly donated by the riders. In return one of the prints is shared with each participant. Their skateboard decks function as printing plates - they are carved in the manner of a traditional woodcut print. Each print is hand printed on japanese paper and limited to an edition of 5 pieces. The final print shows a mixture of the skateboard’s history and the carved graphic - an abstract portrait of the skateboarder.

#Nihilism #OliverRiedel
(VIE/AUT) Can we fix it? No it‘s fucked!

Woodblock Print, Hand-printed, Oil Paint on Japanese Paper,
Numbered Edition of 5 Prints
Size of Print: 90 x 30 cm

2015 - 2017